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Thursday 26 May 2016, 16:25:00

Labour news stories from North Korea

NK workers in China send bulk of earnings to Pyongyang regime [Yonhap] 2016-05-25

Nordkoreansk tvangsarbeider brant ihjel på norsk skip [Teknisk ukeblad] 2016-05-24

Strict Separation of Attendees for WPK Congress... [Rimjin-gang] 2016-05-17

N.K. Forces Housewives to Become ‘Street Laborers’ [RFA] 2016-05-15

N.K. striving to keep party congress mood intact [Yonhap] 2016-05-13

N.K. poised to stage yet another campaign of hard work [Yonhap] 2016-05-12

Hydropower dam leaking shortly after completion [Yonhap] 2016-05-11

Delinquent Juveniles Mobilized For Forced Labor [Rimjin-gang] 2016-05-08

Factories ordered to furnish two weeks of rations to the masses [DailyNK] 2016-05-08

Forced Labor Performed to Prepare For Workers' Party Congress [Radio Free Asia] 2016-05-08

Int'l human rights group urges NK leader to halt forced labor [Yonhap] 2016-05-06

Preparations for party congress spur anger, resistance... [OFK] 2016-05-03

Its party time in North Korea-Workers Party party time [Fairfax media] 2016-05-03

N.K. set to complete 70-day loyalty drive [Yonhap] 2016-05-02

North’s overseas workers suffer [JoongAng Ilbo] 2016-05-01

Pay cuts, longer hours for N. Korean workers in China [Daily NK] 2016-04-30

NK tightens controls on people ahead of congress [K. Times] 2016-04-29

Complaints grow in NK ahead of party congress [K. Times] 2016-04-28

Kim Jong-un’s Furious Response to the Defection of 13 Restaurant staff [Rimjin-gang] 2016-04-27

Tearful North Korean waitresses: Our 'defector' colleagues were tricked [CNN] 2016-04-26

Pyongyang asks Chinese firm to pay advance wages for N. Koreans [Korea Times ] 2016-04-25

Overseas 'slave labour' squeezed and exploited in lead up to Party Congress [Korea Times] 2016-04-25

As wages dry up, miners seek to downsize homes [Daily NK] 2016-04-25

Group defection of 13 NK restaurant workers in Shenyang, China, causes ripple effect [Daily NK] 2016-04-25

Pay cuts, longer hours for N. Korean workers in China [Daily NK] 2016-04-25

2 N.Korean Workers Flee Labor Camp in Qatar [Chosun Ilbo] 2016-04-25

Youth Shock Brigade pushed to limit [DailyNK] 2016-04-13

[Infographic] NK Workers Abroad [RFA] 2016-04-06

NK mobilizing its people ahead of key party event [Yonhap] 2016-04-06

Overseas workers earn $50-100 per month, subject to heavy labor [Yonhap] 2016-03-31

Rare funeral held for construction accident victims [DailyNK] 2016-03-25

'70-day battle' burdens stacking up [DailyNK] 2016-03-18

DPRK workers treated like slaves [JoongAng Ilbo] 2016-03-16

KIC workers, families 'left with nothing but darkness' [DailyNK] 2016-02-28

Exporting slave labour bankrolling Kim Jong Un's nuclear ambitions [CNBC] 2016-02-26

Rip Curl's use of North Korean factories leads to calls for industry transparency [Guardian Australia] 2016-02-22

NK's Treatment of Its Laborers Abroad Is Scandalous Abuse [Chosun Ilbo] 2016-02-22

Iconic Aussie surf label Ripcurl using North Korean slave labour [Fairfax Media ] 2016-02-21

Surfing label Ripcurl using slave labour in North Korea [Fairfax Media] 2016-02-21

Overseas workers' money goes to party [K. Times] 2016-02-17

KIC workers receive only 20% of wages [DailyNK] 2016-02-16

Workers at joint industrial park unable to make ends meet [Yonhap] 2016-02-15

The Kaesong Closure: Punishment or Shot in the Foot? [38 North] 2016-02-14

[2.11] The great leap backwards [CINA] 2016-02-12

Taking stand over long-range missiles South shuts down Kaesong Industrial Complex [Radio Free Asia] 2016-02-11

Accusations traded between North and South as workers sent home and Industrial Park shutdown [Radio Free Asia] 2016-02-11

HRW slams N.K. over labor conditions [NK.News] 2016-01-28

Fisherman pushed to the limits - 150 disappear in East Sea [DailyNK] 2016-01-06

NK exploits 'slave workers' abroad [K. Times] 2015-12-23

N. Koreans forced to work in Mongolia, Poland [Yonhap] 2015-12-23

State says laborers work abroad legally, not mistreated [Reuters] 2015-11-18

'Forced Labor' in China Earns Money For North Korean Regime [Radio Free Asia] 2015-11-08

N. Koreans in Siberia earn US$200-3,000 per year [Yonhap] 2015-11-04

North and South Korea hold workers union soccer matches [NK News] 2015-10-31

UN investigator: North Koreans doing forced labor abroad [Albany Times Union] 2015-10-29

50,000 N. Koreans sent abroad into forced labor [Asia Times] 2015-10-29

S.Korea union workers fly to DPRK for friendly soccer match [Global Post] 2015-10-28

Gov't approves labor unions' football match in PY [Yonhap] 2015-10-27

Workers lured back to mills with big bucks [DailyNK] 2015-10-27

Koreas' labor unions settle on schedule for football competition in Pyongyang [Yonhap] 2015-10-13

Menschenrechtler sehen System [TAZ] 2015-10-11

The self-appointed 'Paradise of the Working Class'... [CINA] 2015-10-09

UN: Overseas workers among those who suffer most from abuses [UPI] 2015-10-08

North Korea Must Stop 'Predatory' Forced Labour: HRW [AFP] 2015-10-08

Interview: Behind North Korea’s Use of 'Slave Labor' [The Diplomat] 2015-10-08

Ruling Party Benefits From Forced Labor [Human Rights Watch] 2015-10-08

Forced child labor rampant in NK [K. Times] 2015-10-02

European enterprises accused of exploiting North Korean workers [Equal Times] 2015-09-28



NK Withholds Salaries From Earners Abroad... [RFA] 2015-09-20

Minimum wage for Gaeseong workers to rise 5 percent [K. Times] 2015-08-18

Labor Conscription in High Gear Ahead of Ruling Party Anniversary [RFA] 2015-08-05

More N. Korean workers fleeing posts in Russia [DailyNK] 2015-07-31

NK sends droves to Tumen development zone [DailyNK] 2015-06-26

N. Korean workers in Russia turn to moonlighting [DailyNK] 2015-06-12

ILO calls on Mongolia to protect N.K. workers [K. Times] 2015-06-10

Forgoing Chinese workers, Russia turns to N. Korea [JoongAng Ilbo] 2015-06-09

Workers now the big export of North Korea [Forbes] 2015-05-24

Pyongyang increasingly relies on expat labor for hard currency [OFK] 2015-05-14

Construction firm fires 90 North Korean workers, cites Qatar labor law violations [UPI] 2015-05-13

Construction Firm In Qatar Fires Dozens of North Korean Workers [The Diplomat] 2015-05-13

Workers exploited abroad to pay Pyongyang’s bills [FT] 2015-05-13

South urges North to end work slowdown at joint complex over wage hoke [Korea Herald] 2015-05-13

More N.Korean Workers Stand Up for Themselves [Chosun Ilbo] 2015-05-13

Firm Fires North Koreans Citing Labor Exploitation [VOA] 2015-05-07

Authorities Use Arbitrary Crackdowns as Labor Recruitment Tactic [RFA] 2015-05-02

Seoul bans labor unions’ visit to NK for football match [K. Observer] 2015-04-30

Overseas Workers Ordered by North Korea Regime to Hide Workplace Human Rights Abuses [Radio Free Asia] 2015-04-20

Kaesong entrepreneurs face overdue wages for N. Korean workers [NK News] 2015-04-17

Factory Managers Increase Penalties for Absentee Workers [RFA] 2015-04-16

Controls tighten on overseas labourers [NFI] 2015-04-05

UN expert to probe conditions of North Korean workers abroad [Channel News Asia] 2015-03-17

20,000 North Koreans working in slave-like conditions abroad [Guardian] 2015-03-17

Pyongyang regime demands higher wages for workers employed by South [Associated Press] 2015-03-15

NK workers abroad get only 10% of their earnings [K. Times] 2015-03-10

NK Exports Forced Laborers for Profit... [NYT] 2015-02-26

[2.16] 'Day of the Shining Star'... [CINA] 2015-02-16

First Round of Cuts Underway at Musan Mine [DailyNK] 2015-02-15

Musan Mine to Lay Off 10,000 Workers [DailyNK] 2015-01-21