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Saturday 28 March 2015, 02:45:28

Labour news stories from North Korea

UN expert to probe conditions of North Korean workers abroad [Channel News Asia] 2015-03-17

20,000 North Koreans working in slave-like conditions abroad [Guardian] 2015-03-17

Pyongyang regime demands higher wages for workers employed by South [Associated Press] 2015-03-15

NK workers abroad get only 10% of their earnings [K. Times] 2015-03-10

NK Exports Forced Laborers for Profit... [NYT] 2015-02-26

[2.16] 'Day of the Shining Star'... [CINA] 2015-02-16

First Round of Cuts Underway at Musan Mine [DailyNK] 2015-02-15

Musan Mine to Lay Off 10,000 Workers [DailyNK] 2015-01-21

Miners Fail to See Promised Salary Bump [DailyNK] 2014-12-29

Surgery Sees N. Korean Worker Repatriated [DailyNK] 2014-11-20

150,000 N.Koreans Sent to Slave Labor Abroad [Chosun Ilbo] 2014-11-13

Staatssklaven aus Nordkorea auf der WM-Baustelle [Tages Anzeiger] 2014-11-09

Thousands of N. Koreans Forced into Slave Labour in Qatar [KBS] 2014-11-09

Pyongyang regime sends ‘state-sponsored slaves’ to Qatar [Guardian] 2014-11-09

Thousands of North Korean labourers sent to Qatar as 'slaves' to work on construction projects [The Independent] 2014-11-08

Labourers from North Korea 'slaving 18 hours a day in Qatar to build World Cup city' [Daily Mail] 2014-11-08

About 7,000 N. Koreans work in Chinese border cities [Yonhap] 2014-10-14

'KWP', still in collaboration with neo-Nazis... [CINA] 2014-08-24

Workers pressured for 'Party fund' contributions [Daily NK] 2014-07-13

North denies Kaesong workers Choco Pie treat [JoongAng Ilbo] 2014-06-16

Seoul to raise salary of N.K. workers at Kaesong complex [Yonhap] 2014-06-09

Farming Tasks Burdensome for All [DailyNK] 2014-05-19

Workers dtch factories for market incomes [Radio Free Asia] 2014-05-17

May 1st a Reminder of Class Divide [DailyNK] 2014-05-07

Fresh Fatal Accidents Hit North Korean Power Plant Construction [Radio Free Asia] 2014-05-06

The 'Paradise of the Working Class'... [Guardian] 2014-05-03

Workers Pushed to Reach 'Chosun Speed' [DailyNK] 2014-05-01

Worker export to Russia stepped up to boost foreign exchange [Radio Free Asia] 2014-05-01

'Choco pie is our lifeline,' say Gaeseong workers [K. Times] 2014-04-17

100x Textile Sector Wage Rises in 6th Month [DailyNK] 2014-03-26

Seoul refuses 10% wage increase in Gaeseong [K. Times] 2014-03-17

NK seeking 10% wage hike for Kaesong workers [Hankyoreh] 2014-03-17

Regime 'Leaves Kaesong Workers with Pittance' [Chosun Ilbo] 2014-03-13

[^^] Letter from Participants in Meeting of Presidential Council of WFTU [KCNA] 2014-02-27

Pyongyang demands pay raise for Kaesong workers [Yonhap] 2014-02-13

'The Biggest Attraction of Kaesong is Cheap Labor' [Kyunghyang Shinmun] 2014-02-11

Textile Workers See Huge Wage Rises [DailyNK] 2013-12-01

100x Wage Hike: What's the Impact? [DailyNK] 2013-11-10

Wage Rise Strategy in the Spotlight [DailyNK] 2013-11-08

Wages Rise 100x in Heavy Industry [DailyNK] 2013-11-07

NK Doctors Working in China [DailyNK] 2013-11-03

Strict Surveillance for Kaesong Workers [DailyNK] 2013-10-17

Kaesong Complex struggling to get fully up and running again [Hankyoreh] 2013-10-16

'Politics' Get Dirty for KIC Workers [DailyNK] 2013-10-09

Rations Absent for Potato Workers [DailyNK] 2013-10-09

Plenary Meeting of 'General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea' Held [Rodong Shinmun] 2013-09-20

S. Koreans in N.K. pay respects to ancestors to mark Chuseok [K. Herald/Yonhap] 2013-09-19

First Day of Resumed Operations at Kaesong Industrial Park [Kyunghyang Shinmun] 2013-09-18

Companies increasing output at newly reopened inter-Korean factory park [Yonhap] 2013-09-18

One Hundred Days of 'Masikryeong Speed' [DailyNK] 2013-09-17

Operations resume at Kaesong Industrial Complex [Hankyoreh] 2013-09-17

Kaesong Complex Finally Back Online [DailyNK] 2013-09-16

Kaesong park begins test-run as Koreas discuss sustainable growth [Yonhap] 2013-09-16

Koreas agree to reopen joint factory park next week [Yonhap] 2013-09-11

Agreement on Normalizing Operation in the KIZ [Rodong Shinmun] 2013-08-17

Gov't issues NK ultimatum on Gaeseong [Korea Times] 2013-07-26

Border talks on shuttered inter-Korean factory park in jeopardy [Yonhap] 2013-07-25

Women Burdened with Hyesan Improvements [DailyNK] 2013-07-09

10,000 More N.Korean Laborers Work Overseas [Chosun Ilbo] 2013-07-09

Koreas agree in principle to normalize suspended industrial park [Yonhap] 2013-07-07

[6.19] 'Special statement' by the 'Ministry of People's Security'... [CINA] 2013-06-19

Soldiers Doing More Harm than Good [DailyNK] 2013-06-15

Kim Jong-un’s Reputation Suffers as It Becomes Harder to Make Ends Meet [Rimjin-gang] 2013-06-11

Mansudae Art Studio, North Korea's Colossal Monument Factory Employs 4000 [Bloomberg] 2013-06-07

The Double Lives of Ordinary North Koreans [New Focus International] 2013-06-05

Workers Desert Sinking '2nd Hoiryeong' [DailyNK] 2013-05-31

North Korea Invites South Koreans to Closed Industrial Complex [NYTimes] 2013-05-28

NKorea Relaxes Controls on Salaries [AP/NYT] 2013-05-27

Fear Prevails Over Greed: The Kaesong Shutdown [38 North] 2013-05-23

Pyongyang demands Seoul clarify its stance on Kaesong complex's future [Yonhap] 2013-05-20

KIC Life Receding as Workers Withdrawn [DailyNK] 2013-05-10

N.Korea Wants to Send Hundreds of Workers to China [Chosun Ilbo] 2013-05-10

Kaeseong Industrial Complex... (updated) [CINA] 2013-05-09

Kaesong Workers Sent Far and Wide [DailyNK] 2013-05-06

Last South Koreans leave the Kaesong complex [Hankyoreh] 2013-05-05

Last S. Koreans return from Kaesong complex [K. Times] 2013-05-03

Why is N. Korea still keeping 7 S. Korean workers at Kaesong? [Hankyoreh] 2013-05-02

Kaesong Workers Given New Assignments [Radio Free Asia] 2013-05-01

S. Korea to pull workers from Gaeseong [Korea Herald] 2013-04-26

Seoul gives N. Korea ultimatum on Gaeseong complex [K. Times] 2013-04-25

Farm workers skeptical of reforms to collective farm policy [Radio Free Asia] 2013-04-25

Trade unionists demonstrate in solidarity with North Korea [NTUF] 2013-04-19

Kaesong Move Threatens 200,000 [DailyNK] 2013-04-10

North Withdraws Kaesong Workers [DailyNK] 2013-04-08

N.K. halts Gaeseong operations, says will withdraw its workers [K. Herald] 2013-04-08

Production at Kaesong Complex could drop by half next week [Hankyoreh] 2013-04-07

Workers in factory zone stay despite risk, need jobs [Reuters] 2013-04-04

North Threatens to Withdraw Workers [DailyNK] 2013-04-04

P'yang threatens to pull out its workers from Kaesong park [Yonhap] 2013-04-04

Military Drills Put Industry in Crisis [DailyNK] 2013-03-19

Export of labor to Middle East, Africa on modest rise [Yonhap] 2013-03-09

Five North Korean workers found dead in Russia [AFP] 2013-02-21

NK nuke could first affect Kaesong Industrial Complex [Hankyoreh] 2013-02-12

Pyongyang Threatens to Shut Kaesong Industrial Complex [Chosun Ilbo] 2013-02-08

Flash Holiday in Kaesong Threatening Relations [DailyNK] 2013-01-04

'The dear respected Kim Jong Un made a New Year address' [CINA] 2013-01-02

China imports North Koreans to beat rising wages [The Times of India] 2012-11-22

Purist Pyongyang purges Marx [Asia Times] 2012-11-19

Pyeongyang on the path to economic and social reforms? [CINA] 2012-10-21

Chinese Pull Out of N.Korean Mine [Chosun Ilbo] 2012-10-18